Thursday, 7 May 2015

SimpleJavan overview

This is a blog administrated by Bengi Egima. The  aim of the blog is to be an ever available content guide for any one learner and a quick reference source  for the busy developer. 

For the record, we all love to code but truth be told, code is not the solution but  rather a means to implement the solution. 

Some of the popular frameworks that get the job done tend to expose API's that are not necessarily complicated but tend to have a steep learning curve, and scanty documentation.
So, my blog seeks to be a precise, straight forward and example based helper to get readers up and running faster.


To take the complex in java programming and avail to the everyday programmer in a simple, "stupid" yet no nonsense manner. 
This approach aims to help the busy coder and ambitious learner to achieve their aim of crushing the time lag between encountering the complex and applying it to the task at hand to mere minutes. We believe time wasted for a programmer takes the world a step backward.


Fear free java programming for all


Action over perfection

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